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Zimmer Knee Replacement & Lawsuit Funding

If you are involved in a lawsuit for a Zimmer Knee Replacement and interested in lawsuit funding against your case, we can help. We work with plaintiffs throughout the United States that are going through Zimmer Knee Replacement lawsuits. If you are having complications or received revision surgery resulting from the implant and hired legal representation, you may qualify for pre settlement funding against your claim. We can offer options against a variety of different knee replacement implants from Zimmer and other manufactures.

If you are interested in a lawsuit cash advance against a pending or already settled case, please indicate through our online form that it’s a Knee Replacement claim.

About the Zimmer NexGen CR Knee Replacement

The latest knee replacement device that has grabbed national headlines is the NexGen Knee Replacement. The NexGen CR implant should only be recommended to patients that have good bone structure and ligaments that have sufficient joint stability. The NextGen CR should only be recommended to those patients that have never undergone knee surgery in the past. The medical device is made up of porous fiber metal and cobalt-chromium molybdenum alloy. The implant should accommodate those individuals that have the desire to perform everyday activities which require 0-120 degrees of flexion.

Potential Side Effects

There have been reported injuries caused when the implant becomes loosened, dislocated or detached. These injuries may result in femur fractures, immense pain and infection.  If you are having difficulty walking or believe you may have a fracture, you should seek immediate medical attention. If the injury worsens it can cause severe pain and infection to the injured area.

Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuits

There has been an abundant of lawsuits that have been filed against Zimmer Holdings alleging their devices are defective. The lawsuits allege that the devices have caused pain and as a result revision surgeries or replacement of the device was necessary. Most of these lawsuits are individually filed by the plaintiff. Some Zimmer Knee Replacement Implants have been recalled but the FDA and Zimmer have not yet issued a recalled for the NexGen CR implant.

Do you need a lawyer?

Product liability lawsuits are complex. LawLeaf highly recommends contacting an attorney that has experience in filing lawsuits against manufactures of medical devices. An attorney can provide you with the legal guidance in obtaining a fair compensation package that covers all expenses related to a faulty knee replacement. If you are going through a revision surgery or a full replacement of the implant, you should seek immediate legal representation.

How can LawLeaf help?

LawLeaf is a leading provider of lawsuit loan services throughout the United States. We have helped thousands of individuals that needed money prior to receiving their settlement check. If you are interested in receiving legal financing against a pending case, or a settlement loan against a claim which is settled, contact us today.

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