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Rear End Collisions & Lawsuit Funding

The most common car accidents are rear end collisions. There are over 2 million rear end collisions each year throughout the United States. This number only represents those motor vehicle and automobile accidents that have been reported. With the increase of cell phone use and text messaging it's estimated that these accidents are on the rise.

In recent years, rear end collisions are resulting in more catastrophic injuries and even claiming more lives each year. This is a direct result of car manufactures building automobiles less safe. In fact car manufactures are building bumpers that handle less impact now than even ten years ago.

The law presumes if a motorist hits a car in the back, the motorist generally is held responsible for the accident. Although this is the case for the majority of car accident cases, there are cases in which the person that was hit in the back is held responsible for the accident. This is typically due to negligence or reckless driving.

Some examples may include:

  • Lane changes
  • Passing in an emergency lane
  • Passing on a median
  • Stopping short
  • Disregard of traffic patterns or weather conditions

If you have been a victim of a rear end collision you may be entitled to a cash award settlement under personal injury law. It is important prior to speaking with an insurance company you seek the representation of a personal injury lawyer that handles car accidents. Insurance companies sometimes offer less than the fair amount of your accident and oftentimes don't consider ongoing medical expenses for your injuries.

If you have hired legal representation for a rear end collision its important to fully understand the personal injury process. While many of these cases can be settled without going to court many of these cases are litigated in court. A personal injury lawyer will typically charge a contingent fee to handle your case. This means they will take a percentage of the compensation after the case settles. Like you, your attorney will benefit from getting higher compensation for your car accident and will fight for all expenses related to the accident.

This may require you to get fully evaluated by a medical professional and oftentimes may require physical therapy prior to the case settling. This process can take months and even years before a settlement is reached. For some people that are in need of cash years is much too long.

If you have been involved in a rear end collision you may qualify for car accident lawsuit funding . Lawsuit funding for a rear end collision can help pay off expenses and loss of wages directly related to a car accident. The money you get for a cash advance can help sustain you while your case is getting settled.

LawLeaf is a lawsuit funding service that provides plaintiffs involved in car accidents more choices. We work with a network of lawsuit funding companies that are ready to compete for your business. All our lenders provide non recourse funding for all pre-settlement cash advances which means you don't pay back the lawsuit loan if your attorney is not successful in winning compensation for your case.  Begin by applying for your pre-settlement cash advance today.

*LawLeaf provides services for all rear end collisions for the following accidents:

For more information regarding lawsuit funding for a rear end collision contact us today or visit our FAQ's.

We stand ready to work for you in your time of need.

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