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If you have been involved in a personal injury in North Carolina and searching lawsuit funding, begin by applying online with LawLeaf. LawLeaf is an online provider of personal injury funding in the state of NC. A personal injury in North Carolina can be anything from a car accident to a slip and fall accident. Regardless of the claim, LawLeaf can help you obtain the funding you need.

LawLeaf provides both pre settlement funding and post settlement funding for our clients.

  • Pre settlement funding: Plaintiff filed a lawsuit and case is still pending
  • Post settlement funding: Case has settled and victim is waiting for compensation

LawLeaf can help you secure personal injury funding throughout the state of North Carolina. The major areas throughout NC include: Asheville, Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, Wilmington and Winston Salem.

LawLeaf has worked with thousands of injury victims searching for personal injury funding against personal injury lawsuits. When a client contacts LawLeaf for a lawsuit cash advance chances are the insurance company has decided not to offer fair compensation for their claim. Insurance companies are interested in maximizing profits by minimizing payouts when a injury or death has occurred. When a personal injury occurs the insurance company will begin collecting information in an attempt to reduce the value of the claim. They will take as much time as needed because they understand the difference between full settlements and premature settlements. These tactics are why insurance companies have record breaking profits each year. The unfortunate circumstance is insurance companies are represented by some of the most tenacious and experience defense attorney's within the legal industry. These attorney's are experts at holding up claims and forcing plaintiffs to settle for less value.

In North Carolina there are certain processes that take place prior to filing a personal injury lawsuit. It is always recommended if you've been injured as a result of negligence, you contact a personal injury attorney to advise you of your legal rights. An attorney can guide you throughout the whole process and they have experience in negotiating fair settlements for their clients.

When a claim can not be settled out of court the personal injury process in North Carolina can take months or even years before the case reaches court. For plaintiffs that have fiduciary responsibilities this is unacceptable. Many plaintiffs may decide to take smaller settlements because they can't afford to wait for fair compensation. This can reap havoc to the victim because without sufficient compensation they can fall deeper in debt. At LawLeaf we understand the tactics insurance companies play and we can provide a financial stop gap so you don't have to settle for less money.

LawLeaf can provide personal injury funding throughout North Carolina to victims with pending claims. Our only requirement to process an application is that the victim be represented by an attorney.

If you are currently searching for a lawsuit advance in North Carolina LawLeaf can help you get the litigation financing you need.

If you are currently searching for North Carolina personal injury funding, begin by applying online with LawLeaf today.

At LawLeaf some of the initial services include:

  • Providing the Bridge between your attorney and our lenders
  • Case evaluation & processing
  • Collecting the necessary documentation from your attorney including medical reports, police, accidental & incident reports, complaints and defendants insurance information
  • Lawsuit funding services for a variety of different types of personal injury claims
  • Personal care and attention to each client throughout the funding process
  • Non-recourse lawsuit loans

For additional information pertaining to North Carolina lawsuit funding, begin by visiting LawLeaf today.

Please note: The term lawsuit funding can be defined as a settlement loan, settlement advance, litigation financing, lawsuit loan, lawsuit advance & lawsuit cash advance. There are about 20 different terms that define lawsuit funding options. LawLeaf provides both pre settlement funding and post settlement funding for all personal injury lawsuits in the state of North Carolina.