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Mental Anguish Compensation

If you are involved in a civil litigation suit you may be suing for mental anguish. Mental anguish compensation may be awarded to a plaintiff whom an incident resulted in mental suffering. Mental anguish is most commonly associated with anxiety, depression, stress, fright, grief and distress. Mental anguish pertains to non-economic damages.

If a person was involved in an accident or other civil litigation suit they may also receive compensation due to embarrassment or reputation through libel. The number one cause of mental anguish is emotional suffering a victim experiences after a serious accident or incident. These types of accidents are catastrophic in nature and are usually caused by a wrongful death.

The most common cases include:
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Medical Malpractice Suits
  • Defamation Suits
The amount of compensation you may receive for mental anguish will vary from state to state. There are several states that have enforced ceilings on the amount of money you can recover. When evaluating the damages it's important that you consult with your attorney. Your attorney should be able to provide you with additional information on mental anguish compensation within your state. They will also be able to tell you whether you can receive compensation for mental anguish.

If you are currently going through a lawsuit and suing for mental anguish, you may be able to receive lawsuit funding against the future proceeds from your case. LawLeaf is a leading legal financing company that provides services throughout the United States. If you are considering borrowing against your suit, contact LawLeaf today.

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