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Greyhound Accidents & Lawsuit Funding

Greyhound Lines Inc. was founded in 1914 and is the largest and most recognized bus companies in the United States and Canada. The company provides transportation to millions of passengers each year. Along with their interline partners, Greyhound provides services through every major metropolitan area throughout the United States along. Greyhound is very competitive in pricing compared to alternative travel methods.

In general, traveling by bus is one of the safer modes of transportation. A Greyhound bus is large and can sustain crashes better than a standard vehicle. While busses are one of the safer modes of transportation, accidents still happen and injuries do occur. When a person is involved in a Greyhound accident and injured, they have the legal right to seek compensation. As a passenger, you will have the right to ask for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of life and out of pocket expenses. Companies of this stature oftentimes have in house insurance specialist that will be assigned to take statements from passengers, pedestrians and other motorist that may have been involved in an accident.

If compensation cannot be agreed upon during the claims process, a person may file a personal injury lawsuit. At LawLeaf we recommend hiring a personal injury attorney that has worked with Greyhound Lines in the past. We also recommend contacting an attorney before speaking with any representative from the Greyhound Company. A personal injury attorney may be best suited to negotiate or litigate with their insurance carrier and representatives within the company. A person may also seek lawsuit funding against a Greyhound crash. If a person is in the midst of a settlement with the insurance carrier or has recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Greyhound, they can borrow against their lawsuit by securing legal funding. A person may secure pre settlement funding or post settlement funding. This means you can borrow against a pending case or one that has recently settled in your favor.

There are many reasons why a crash may occur. Some of the most common reasons include:

If you have been involved in a Greyhound accident you may serve as a witness to how the accident occurred. If you were injured they will assign an insurance specialist that will speak to you regarding the accident and injuries. This conversation will probably be recorded and may be held against you at a later date. Like any other company, Greyhound will oftentimes use the same tactics that any large company would deploy. They are one of the most successful companies in the United States and they are backed with millions of dollars to handle accident cases. If you were involved in an accident, we highly suggest you speak with an experienced attorney that is familiar with Greyhound accident lawsuits.

If you have been involved in an accident on a Greyhound bus and recently filed an injury claim or lawsuit, contact LawLeaf today for a legal advance. LawLeaf works with clients throughout the United States and Canada. We provide lawsuit cash advances to clients with soft tissue injuries, catastrophic injuries and to families that have lost a love one.  If you are interested in litigation financing for a legal claim or lawsuit against Greyhound Lines, contact LawLeaf today.

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