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Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit is brought by a victim against a defendant. The victim files a civil lawsuit to seek compensation against an act that caused physical, emotional and financial loss. Civil lawsuits always seek monetary compensation and anyone injured as a result of negligence, can seek full compensation for their injuries. If you are currently searching for lawsuit funding against a civil lawsuit, begin by applying online with LawLeaf. LawLeaf provides civil lawsuit funding against pending and settled cases.

A person that files a civil lawsuit is called the plaintiff. The plaintiff is often represented by an attorney. The attorney represents the plaintiff by negotiating or litigating the suit. Most attorneys will provide their services on a contingency fee basis. This means if the attorney is successful in representing the client and the client recovers compensation from the case; the attorney will be paid a percentage of the cash award.

The defendant can be either a person or entity. Most personal injury lawsuits are filed against an insurance company. The insurance company will act on behalf of the defendant and provide legal resources in hopes of a smaller settlement or no settlement at all.

In order for an attorney to successfully win a claim he or she will need to establish liability. This means he or she will need to prove the other party was negligent; and negligence was the main reason for the injury.

Civil lawsuits seek monetary compensation and anyone injured as a result of negligence should be entitled to a recovery.

Recovery may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage

Civil lawsuits will begin with the plaintiff filing a complaint. The complaint is typically filed by an attorney and it specifies the names of the defendants, damages and details of the accident. The complaint is a document that provides information to the courts letting them know why a suit has been filed. 
About 90% of all personal injury civil lawsuits are handled out of the courts. These types of civil lawsuits are typically negotiated between the plaintiff and the defense.  The defense may try to make a settlement offer to the plaintiff and if accepted it would alleviate any further action.  If the case cannot be settled the plaintiff and defense will go into litigation in front of a court.

Civil lawsuits can take months or even years before a settlement is reached or the case is heard in the court system. It is important if you have been injured as a result of another's negligence you file a civil lawsuit within the statute of limitations. You will have a certain period of time from when the incident happened to file suit. If you go passed the amount of time allowed, you will forgo your right to seek compensation.

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