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Chiropractors & Lawsuit Funding

A chiropractor helps deal with sprains, strains, stress and bodily injury. Their main job will be to help you begin healing properly. They are hired to help better locate the injury and relieve your pain.  When a person is involved in an accident resulting in severe injury, they may be recommended to see a chiropractor.

A chiropractor may treat a patient differently depending upon the injury. Chiropractors may provide physical therapy, massage therapy and exercise as part of their care plan.  

After an accident the insurance company may want you to see their chiropractors or doctors. You should be aware that you have the right to find your own chiropractor and oftentimes an attorney may recommend a neutral voice. When you visit a chiropractic clinic a specialist will gather information and put together a plan to get you healthy again.

As a patient you will be asked how the accident occurred and what medical attention was given after the accident. During the interview process the patient may be asked if they were admitted to the hospital and if X-rays, MRI’s, and C.T. Scans were done. They may also ask if you are currently taken prescriptions for pain and muscles relaxants. In order to better identify the problem they may ask if you are still experiencing pain and in which areas do you feel the pain.  

During the examination a specialist will determine if you are having discomfort. Depending upon the injury they may test you by performing thoracolumbar flexion, right lateral bending, left lateral bending, right rotation, left rotation, and cervical flexion, left lateral flexion, right lateral flexion, left rotation and right rotation.

The different types of examinations may include:

  • Lesegue test – Test legs through Elevation
  • Kemps test – Tests the back and spine
  • Neurologic examination – Tests sensory
  • Shoulder Depressor test – Tests shoulders and neck

Once the examination is complete the chiropractor will make a diagnosis. The diagnosis will include the areas in which the specialist has identified as injured. The chiropractor will present a plan. This plan may include corrective care through different types of therapies. The plan should be to restore the functions, strength and stability of the injured areas ultimately returning the patient to daily activities without pain.

Some of the most common symptoms that a chiropractor will evaluate include:

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