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California Structured Settlement

If you are living in California and evaluating the sale of your structured settlement begin by applying online with LawLeaf today. A Structured Settlement in California is typically an agreement between the insurance company and plaintiff for an amount agreed upon during a settlement. A structured settlement is usually set up with an attorney's assistance. When a plaintiff is successful in winning a lawsuit or reaching a settlement, they may choose to receive their cash award as a lump sum or through a structured settlement annuity. By choosing a structured settlement they will receive their payments based upon a schedule.

Some plaintiffs prefer structured settlements for tax reasons and the ability to better manage the cash award. A structured settlement is free from income tax and can allow a person a way to budget their financial situation much easier. A structured settlement is usually set up by those people that have been successful at winning a large cash award. A claimant who prefers to secure a structured settlement as their payment option still reserves the right to sell a portion or their full annuity at a later date. At LawLeaf we understand that some people fall into financial hardships and as a result may consider selling their future structured settlement payments for a lump sum cash advance. If you are currently searching for a company that can buy a structured settlement in California begin by applying online with LawLeaf for your structured settlement buyout.

Sell your structured settlement in California

LawLeaf provides two different types of purchases to clients in California. Our services include full and partial buyouts. A full purchase of a structured settlement occurs when the claimant sells the full amount of their structured settlement. When a claimant sells partial payments they agree to sell part of the annuity over a certain period of time. This means if you sell your structured settlement you will only request a portion of the future payments to be purchased.

The benefits to sell a structured settlement in California may include:

  • Decrease credit card debt
  • Medical expenses
  • College tuition
  • Investment opportunity
  • The purchase of a car
  • The purchase of a new home

LawLeaf understands that most people in California are looking for a buyer of structured settlements who will put more money into their pocket. LawLeaf is a client centric company that provides some of the most competitive rates within the industry. By using our service you put your application in the right hands the first time. The application process is free and there is never an obligation to any offer made to you. Your application will always be kept confidential and we will never force you to accept any purchase.

If you are searching for a company that works with clients throughout the state of California, let LawLeaf work for you. If you are going to sell your structured settlement we ask you to begin by applying online with LawLeaf today.


LawLeaf an online lawsuit funding company provides structured settlement purchase throughout CA including some of the following cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Cruz, Fresno, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Barbara and Yuba City.

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