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California Lawsuit Loan

In terms of volume there are more lawsuit loan approvals in California than most other states. There are over 37 million people that live in California. Due to the sheer size there are more accidents in California than most other states. California lawsuit loans are provided to accident victims that have pending lawsuits and have been offered unwarranted settlement offers from the insurance industry. At LawLeaf we understand the importance of lawsuit loans in California and we partner with attorneys throughout the state by securing their clients lawsuit loans against cases that otherwise would be forced into settlement without the option.

While this form of lending has been around for years, most people are still unaware it exists. A lawsuit loan in California is a financial vehicle that provides claimants compensation before settlement. By collateralizing the future proceeds of their case, they can borrow money from a lawsuit loan company. Lawsuit loans in California provide the litigant with the needed capital to fight against unfair and unjust settlements. This is because years ago people were being forced into taking offers that paid pennies on the dollar. A plaintiff is now offered a financial stop gap by borrowing money from a lender, and having the comfort of knowing if they lose their case, they don't have to repay the loan.

LawLeaf is a leading provider of lawsuit loans throughout California. We provide services to thousands of people that otherwise would be forced into taking less for their case. Investors around the globe are beginning to accept these types of loans even though it comes with uncertain risks. A company may put several hundred or several million on a single case in hopes it pays a profit on the back end. When a lawsuit loan company in California makes an offer to a litigant they are essentially betting on the outcome of a case. Their investment is to the lawsuit and not the client. If the client is successful in winning full compensation the investor will receive payment; if the client loses the investor loses the investment. A lawsuit loan in California can be beneficial to those claimants that have pressing financial obligations and need money to pay for living expenses during a suit. We have some clients that will secure a California lawsuit loan to take a needed vacation or pay for college tuition. Regardless of how the money is spent, a lawsuit loan in California can help pave the way to a more favorable compensation package for the claimant.

California lawsuit loans are offered based upon the strength and merits of a case. While some people associate this asset class with a standard loan, it's quite the opposite. A lawsuit loan is not a loan it's an investment, so it makes no difference the liquidity of the borrow just as long as they have a good case

Consider the following:

  • Some of our clients don't have bank accounts
  • A large majority of our clients are out of work or unemployed
  • We have clients that have bad credit or no credit at all
  • If you borrow money you only repay it if you win your case
  • A client can use the money anyway the deem fit

At LawLeaf a good portion of our clients secure lawsuit loans in California because they've unsuccessfully exhausted other financial resources. They just don't have anywhere else to turn and they are in dire need of money to pay for their bills.

Lawsuit loans in California were first used to pay for medical expenses of victims that were involved in catastrophic accidents. These victims needed the money for surgeries and ongoing care. As we look at the industry today it looks a little different. Our clients are now borrowing money to pay for car payments, rent, groceries, transportation and out-of-pocket expense. We even have some clients that need money for investment opportunities or interested in taking a needed vacation. Whatever the reason, our job is to get you into a California lawsuit loan at a competitive rate and when you need it most.

If insurance companies were interested in paying full compensation to victims without haggling its very likely this asset class wouldn't exist. It still stands true today that the main reason our clients secure lawsuit loans in California is because the insurance industry isn't willing to pay their fair share.  If you were involved in an accident you will need to consider those other costs such as ongoing medical expenses and future loss of wages that somehow slip through the cracks when an adjuster is evaluating a settlement offer. When you apply for a lawsuit loan in California with LawLeaf you can rest assure we provide an array of different packages for different types of injury cases.

Some of the different types of injuries include:

If you are interested in a California lawsuit loan, begin by applying online with LawLeaf today. LawLeaf is a premier provider of lawsuit loans throughout the state because we help secure even the toughest cases.

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