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Allstate Insurance Claim & Lawsuit Funding

Allstate Insurance Corporation is the largest public held insurer in the United States. The company is a fortune 100 company with over 131 billion in assets. In 1993 Allstate became a publically traded company. The company employs 70,000 people that service around 16 million households throughout the United States. Established in 1931, Allstate is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States. While most people are aware that Allstate provides auto insurance they also provide a variety of different types of products.

The core products that Allstate provides include:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Annuities
  • Business Insurance

Allstate Insurance has deep pockets. When a person is involved in an accident they may be filing an injury claim against Allstate. These claims may range from property damage, soft tissue injury and catastrophic injury. When a person is involved in an accident resulting from the negligence of another, one of the first things that happen at the scene of the accident is the exchange of insurance information. If the person that caused the accident holds an insurance policy from Allstate, it’s likely that you will file an injury claim against the company.

If you’ve been involved in an accident we always recommend seeking immediate medical attention. The second thing to consider is contacting a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney that has worked with Allstate Insurance may put you in a better position of receiving full compensation for your injury. We highly recommend when contacting a lawyer to ask him or her if they’ve dealt with Allstate in the past. If they have a proven track record of securing large settlement or winning lawsuits against Allstate, you should consider hiring them to represent you.

There is a reason why Allstate sits on the top of the Fortune 100 list and has assets of $131 billion. We are quite sure Allstate employs some of the best adjusters in the industry. Unfortunately these adjusters are interested in finding ways on paying out less, hence increasing the company’s bottom line. If an adjuster or representative from Allstate contacts you to discuss your case, we recommend not speaking with them. Provide them with the name and contact information of your attorney and immediately hang up the phone. Allstate may record your conversation and try to use your words against you during settlement time. Their representatives always has the fiduciary duties to their employer and not to you.

An Allstate insurance claim can take time before a settlement offer is presented. Like any other insurance company, the first offer is typically not their best offer. During the negotiation period your attorney may advise you to take a settlement offer or deny it. If an injury claim settlement can’t be reached, your attorney may file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit lets the company know that you are serious about receiving fair compensation for your case. Even if you file a personal injury lawsuit, it’s still likely the case will be settled before going to trial.

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