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Lawsuit Values

When a person is involved in a lawsuit they are always interested in finding out the potential value of their claim. Accessing the lawsuit value is extremely difficult and most of the times will require a lawyer to figure out potential damages. A person that is involved in a lawsuit needs to understand the intricacies of obtaining full compensation. It oftentimes involves negotiating back and forth until the plaintiff/claimant and defense comes to an agreement on an amount. A fair lawsuit settlement offer is always best for both parties as it eliminates the costs for both sides of going into litigation.

When an attorney has finally concluded the value of a lawsuit, he or she has a fiduciary duty to the client to secure that amount to the best of their ability. A personal injury attorney can evaluate and provide the lawsuit value once a more in-depth evaluation of injuries and the negative consequences from the injury.  Lawsuit values will be different for each client because no two injuries are the same.

Consider the following:

Without exception a plaintiff that was injured in an accident should always receive full compensation for medical expenses. Medical expenses should include all costs directly resulting from the injury. These expenses include and not limited to hospital visits, doctor visits, treatments, medical devices, surgery, chiropractic treatments, prescription drugs, shots and therapy. Essentially anything medical related should be fully compensated to the victim.

If a person is going into a lawsuit settlement, they should also consider ongoing medical expenses. This item is a necessity because a person that decides to accept an offer and receives payment, gives up the right to compensation at a later date. If your lawyer is not comfortable with settling the case without further medical assessment or treatment, it's wise to take his or her advice and agree to wait. This could save you tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing medical expenses at a later date.

If a person was involved in an accident, medical bills may be just a fraction of what a claimant deserves. If a person was involved in an accident which caused severe injury, compensation could also be awarded for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of wages and ongoing wages. If a victim can never return back to work the plaintiff should be compensated accordingly. When a person is in the hospital for an extended period of time, family members may have to travel back and forth. Some families will have to come out of pocket for hotel rooms, gas, food and other related expenses. A person that is going through therapy and can't drive may need to pay for transportation costs back and forth to a physical therapist, doctor, hospital or other treatment center. These costs may also be included in the overall value of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit value of any case can be easily calculated when hard costs are documented. However a person may have a hard time calculating pain and suffering, ongoing medical costs and devices, loss of consortium or enjoyment of life, possible ongoing health issues and the inability to return back to work. These costs are not "hard costs" and can be difficult to negotiate without the representation of an experienced attorney.

Lawsuit values are obviously different for each person. The more severe the injury usually means the greater value of the lawsuit. If you are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit make sure you write down and keep records of all expenses. We recommend documenting any and all expenses directly related to the incident. By documenting all your expenses, it puts you in a better position of not only determining a ball park number for the value of your lawsuit, but not forgetting any out-of-pocket expenses you may deserve during the lawsuit settlement.

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