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Lawsuit Settlement Loan

If you are currently searching for lawsuit funding because your case has yet reached a settlement, begin by applying online with LawLeaf today. LawLeaf is an online provider of lawsuit settlement loans throughout the United States and we provide both pre settlement and post settlement lawsuit loans to our clients

What is a lawsuit settlement?

A lawsuit settlement can be defined as two or more parties coming together by mediation or arbitration in order to resolve a claim without a court hearing.

What is the end result of a lawsuit settlement?

A lawsuit settlement should provide compensation to the plaintiff where upon both the plaintiff and the defense agree upon a fair settlement offer.

How much money should I ask for during my settlement?

Each case is different. Some of the expenses that should be considered during a lawsuit settlement should include: medical expenses & ongoing medical expenses, pain & suffering, loss wages or job loss, property damage, travel expenses & other out of pocket expenses which is a direct result to the incident.

Do I need an attorney to reach a lawsuit settlement?

While not always recommended there are cases in which plaintiffs will represent themselves. This is most common with car accidents in which an injury or damages is minimum.

Why won't the insurance company accept my fair offer?

Insurance companies are in business to maximize profits by minimizing payouts. They are represented by some of the most tenacious defense lawyers in the industry who are experienced in minimizing payouts for their clients. Insurance companies deep pockets and are willing to hold up a case in hopes of paying out less.

If I accept a lawsuit settlement can I obtain additional compensation for medical expenses at a later date?

No, once you have agreed upon a settlement, you can't obtain additional compensation for medical expenses. It is extremely important that prior to reaching a lawsuit settlement you consult with your attorney regarding potential ongoing expenses.

What are the chances that my lawsuit will settle before reaching court?

A large percentage of claims will settle before going to court. It really depends upon the case.

Why should I secure a lawsuit settlement loan?

There are many reasons why plaintiffs secure lawsuit settlement loans. A plaintiff may secure a lawsuit settlement loan because the insurance company is unwilling to provide fair compensation for their claim and they are not in the financial position to extend the case any further. A lawsuit settlement loan can provide a financial stop gap between a premature settlement and fair compensation. A lawsuit settlement loan also buys additional time for your attorney to seek fair compensation for your claim.

If I secure a lawsuit settlement loan do I have to use the money on my case?

No, most people use the lawsuit cash advance to help pay for expenses while waiting for a settlement.

If I'm approved for a lawsuit settlement loan and I lose my case, do I have to repay the loan?

No, a lawsuit settlement loan should always be non recourse which means if you lose your claim you don't repay it back. You should always make sure a lender provides non recourse funding prior to signing a contract.

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